Leading Guys On Not Exactly Smart Way to Market

Wouldn't Supposed BlackBerry Stealth Effort Just Anger Consumers?

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According to the New York Daily News, attractive young women were paid to go to bars and flirt with men as part of a stealth marketing campaign for BlackBerry. One of the tricks included asking men to input their phone numbers into the smart phone in question. That doesn't strike us as particularly smart. As Maura Johnston at The Awl writes, "a person smarting from rejection will have 50 things on their mind before they fondly reflect on the make and model of whatever smart phone their non-conquest was brandishing." (Also, if the agency or the marketer did use that phone number, we're pretty sure it would be a violation of Do Not Call laws.)

BlackBerry didn't respond to Daily News requests for comment. (We reached out as well and will update if we hear anything.) Then again, the entire article seems to be an excuse to write a story about "The Joneses." So, good for the PR team behind that film.

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