Second Life Goes to the Pigs

One Reason Marketers Might Want to Reconsider

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I was delighted to find the following item on Gawker yesterday--and not just because Gawker referred to Second Life as a "romper room for retards."

Apparently, virtual riots started in the virtual world after France's ultra-right group, Front National, opened a virtual storefront, causing other Second Life citizens to fly into a rage. Wagner James Au offers a great report that captures the surreal nature of it all.

I'm pretty sure I know what Dr. King would think of a protest against an anti-immigrant political party, but if you asked me what he'd say after the thing devolved into a virtual conflagaration of mini-guns, cursing Frenchmen, and exploding pigs, well, there I'm somewhat at a loss.

And that's just the lead. An absolute must-read, especially for those companies looking to rush into Second Life because ... well, because they heard it was cool.
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