LifeStyles Condoms Wants Miley Cyrus as Spokeswoman

Company Didn't Learn From That Taco Bell/50 Cent Thing

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Here's your moral outrage for the day. According to E!, "in a shameless publicity grab, LifeStyles Condoms has offered the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star $1 million to become the newest purveyor of prophylactics and to become the company spokeswomangirl."

She's 15. She works for Disney. But, hey, other than that, great idea. The last company that tried to shanghai a celebrity into this sort of deal via press release was Taco Bell. And that ended with 50 Cent filing a lawsuit. Interestingly enough, LifeStyles has a 50 Cent line -- whatever that looks like. Also, according to E!, when Cyrus comes of age, "the company is prepared to offer Cyrus a lifetime supply."
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