So Long to Creepy Circuit City Ads

Sexed-up Appliances Laid to Rest

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The silver lining in Circuit City's liquidation might be the demise of its creepy and somehow sexual talking-appliance TV ads.

The first installment of the campaign from Euro RSCG, Chicago, dubbed "Pick Up," featured a man talking in hushed tones into a telephone, with a lusty feminine voice on the other end of the line urging him to "just come pick me up." The voice was eventually revealed to be a spindly-legged flat-screen TV, of course, but that didn't stop us from feeling like we needed to shower after watching it. (The tagline, "We'll hook you up," did not help.) Video after the jump.

But that campaign, like the chain it promoted, is now history.

As for its agency, Euro, which had earlier touted the 2006 landing of the account as a key part of its turnaround, said it will be fine, thanks to increased business from the likes of Anheuser-Busch, Kraft and Sprint over the past year. It's not owed money from Circuit City, which placed its own media.

"We were able to realize our 2008 revenue with this client," Euro said in a statement, "and are moving into 2009 with the momentum of another year of double-digit growth."

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