Love That Twitter From @Popeyes

Identity of Secret Ad Age Staffer Revealed

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Over on DigitalNext, Abbey Klaassen has a post examining "Who's Behind the Top 40 Twitter Brands." It deals mostly with Mashable's post "40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them," which Abbey calls "one of the more thoroughly researched pieces of original Twitter reporting we've seen in a long time." If you're into Twitter or wondering what it's all about, it's definitely worth the read. In her post, Abbey also writes: "While Popeyes isn't the most frequent Twitterer ... its posts have become favorites of a certain Ad Age staffer." I'll give you one guess who that staffer is. His initials are Ken Wheaton. C'mon, with tweets such as, "Why would I be full of evil? Is it because I keep everyone out of the Churchs?" how could I not like them? Also, best fried chicken ever.
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