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Why Show Fan Trevor Williams Made a 'Jumping the Shark' Video

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Have you seen this yet? AMC's "Mad Men" Jumps the Shark. It's a two-minute video created for Babelgum Comedy by writer/director Trevor Williams. I tracked him down, called him up and asked him some questions.

So tell me about your relationship to "Mad Men" -- your fandom of it, annoyance with it, etc.

How did you hook up with Babelgum?

I got in touch with them through friends and ended up meeting with Amber J. Lawson, Babelgum's comedy publisher, who seemed interested in a creative partnership.

You know, I'll be sad when "Mad Men" is canceled, but I'd also be depressed if it went for 10 seasons. Anyway, just so I don't have to stick this in my intro, tell me your background. Give me your resume -- but make it tweet length.

Sure. OK, Trevor Williams is a comedian and filmmaker living in New York City. His TV and web acting credits include College Humor, ESPN, MTV, TLC, CMT, Fox News and several national and regional TV ads --

Um, FOX News?

Two things: I appeared twice on Fox News' Strategy Room as a panelist. More recently Bill O' Reilly named a College Humor video I was in, "Barack Obama's BBQ," as one of his "Dumbest Things of the Week."

Ha -- nice. I wonder if Bill O' Reilly and Glenn Beck think of their FOX News gigs as "acting credits." Anyway, go on.

Trevor Williams has written, directed and produced numerous comedy shorts for Atom Films and Babelgum. Along with his comedy partner Adam Newman, Trevor produces a monthly variety show, The Adam and Trevor Show, and previously produced a web series, now concluded, on called "The Nice Brothers." Recently, Mr. Williams was named a semi-finalist for The Andy Kaufman Award honoring alternative comedians across the nation.

Well, congratulations, Mr. Williams! Although that was way longer than a tweet. Hey, what commercials have we seen you in?

CarMax, TD Bank, ESPN/Dominos, SoBe on the web, Scion for a Comedy Central promo, and Bud Light, also for a Comedy Central promo. And I'm working toward writing and directing TV commercials -- that's a short-term dream/goal.

OK, duly noted. I also think you should think about being a Jude Law impersonator -- when you're not busy being a Pete Campbell impersonator. Like, for children's birthday parties.

Yeah, I have been told that I look like a half-retarded version of Jude Law, which I take as a compliment. He was People's 2004 Sexiest Man Alive and in my mind the half-retarded version of him is probably pretty adorable. Am I right, ladies?

Wait, which half?

Sadly, the bottom.

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Edited and compressed from a longer interview. Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams
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