Make Your Man a Flamer

Mmmmmmm. Fresh Meat.

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Love a man who smells like grilled meat? We all do. For a limited-time only, Burger King is offering up Flame, a body spray with "the scent of seduction," and a "hint of flame-broiled meat." It's a favorite of the King, they say. The website to promote the scent is essentially a sequence of Barry White cover albums: sunset at the beach, a bath with candles, roses, a creepy looking guy wearing a Burger King mask on a shag carpet. All the usual stuff. It's not a joke, in the sense that you can actually buy it, online or at Ricky's NYC stores for $3.99. [Editor's note: If the sight of a half-naked BK King repulses you, do not keep clicking on the bottle of Flame.]

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