Marine Warns Against Murdoch-WSJ Deal

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The opposition to Rupert Murdoch's proposed acquisition of Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal runs deep. And far. All the way to Anbar Province.

Today, the Washington Post published a letter from a Wall Street Journal reporter-turned-U.S. Marine. The letter is addressed to Dow Jones shareholders and argues powerfully against the deal. Matt Pottinger, once a big player in the Journal's China coverage and now a second lieutenant in the USMC, came out strongly against Mr. Murdoch's bid, arguing that his former stomping grounds are "a vital national resource" that's "still willing to do what it takes to dig that last foot for a story and to strictly observe the 'church-state' divisions among news, opinion and an owner's broader commercial interests."

That's not exactly Mr. Murdoch's program, the soldier-scribe argued. On the contrary, "His mission is to blur the lines between church and state and infuse the blend with his own distinctive, lively brand of populist values. And let's face it, no one does it better."

If you're wondering the motivations behind Mr. Pottinger's career change, here's a story.
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