Marines Invade Near San Francisco

Did City Film Commission Hold Them Off?

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The Marine Corp. is embarking on a new media campaign, which includes documentary style films on a website and upcoming spots. (Todd Copilevitz has an inside look.) You'll notice that in the short currently running on the site, the crew talks to folks in San Francisco and shows uniformed Marines NEAR San Francisco. Certainly an odd editorial choice, no?

If a USA Today blog report about a KGO-TV report (how's that for third-hand information?) is to be believed, that's because the San Francisco Film Commission denied permission to film uniformed Marines sullying their streets.

Now, according to updates on the USA Today site, Mayor Gavin Newsom is saying the KGO-TV report is inaccurate. Film Commission Executive Director Stefanie Coyote is saying the Marines were denied because of traffic issues. I fully expect the secret Hippie Brigades are up to their old tricks. Why, even the super liberals in New York City allowed the Marines to shoot in Times Square early Monday morning. (There's video of that shoot at the KGO-TV link above).

Name-calling, invective, patriotism-questioning and claims of "supporting the troops" tonight at 11!
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