Mark Cuban's Movie Conundrum

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Mark Cuban has a problem. It's been keeping him up nights, it seems, and he's more than a little ticked off about it. If you can solve his problem, he may just give you a job. But don't jump just yet -- if a problem keeps Mark Cuban up later than his Mavericks do, it's gotta be a biggie: How the hell do marketers get consumers in the movie theater seats without spending as much on marketing as they receive in initial revenue?

In his own bloggy words: "How crazy is it to spend more on marketing than the revenue recieved when they go to the movie ? Its double crazy because that revenue is split with the theater. So if a studio spends 12 bucks to get someone to go to the theater, they might only be getting 4 dollars back in return."

While you should read the rest of his post for what he's already considered, our vote is for better food and coffee. Yeah, yeah, we know that has nothing with the studio's marketing, but in a world where people decide almost immediately whether to see a picture on the big screen or just Netflix it for a quarter of the price, a Starbucks and a sandwich just might help. Well, at least it will help Cuban decide which 7-Eleven (or UA Theater) to get his own lunch at.
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