Imagining Life Without Advertising

Cunningham Group Art Director and Mindrally Cook Up Site

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Without Advertising
Without Advertising
Chris Mills, art director at Montgomery, Ala.-based Cunningham Group, came up with the idea for this simple site.

"We were just kicking around some social media ideas last week, and this was one of the things we came up with," said Mills. "I spoke to the guys at Mindrally [a web development shop where Mills used to work] and we just said 'Why not?'"

The site went live last Wednesday and attracted a couple of thousand visitors last week, according to Mills. While he's not trying to position it as some deep work, he does hope it'll remind people what they'd be missing without ads in their lives. "Obviously we've seen a lot of clients cut back," said Mills. "This might just remind them how valuable advertising can be."

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