Neighbors Offer Free Advice for Gap

Strategic Branding Shop Siegel & Gale Wants to Help With That Logo Redesign

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Gap's corporate offices conveniently face the offices of Siegel & Gale, a strategic branding firm. Well, at least for today they do. Next week Gap corporate is moving to Tribeca. But back to the issue at hand.

Siegel & Gale has posted a banner in its window reading, "Patrick Check Your Email." The Patrick in question is Patrick Robinson, Gap's exec VP-global design. The e-mail's sender is Karen Schnelwar, senior strategist at the firm.

So, hmm, what's possibly behind the neighborly get-together?

The letter reads, in part, "We have strong feelings about the new Gap logo. ... Strategically and creatively, this is a misstep for the brand." Ms. Schnelwar goes on to offer the company's services and ideas on how to "course-correct in a way that will garner positive attention and gain credibility and respect for the brand."

Ms. Schnelwar signs off with an invitation to take Mr. Robinson to coffee, either at City Bakery today or downtown sometime next week. Here's hoping he, or someone else at Gap, takes the agency up on their offer. Certainly, given the way the new logo has been received and Gap's plans for a crowdsourcing project, the brand can use all the help it can get.

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