Did Any Brands Get a Boost From Clinton Wedding?

Not Really, but One Pizza Chain Tried

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Way to class up the joint!
Way to class up the joint!
Obama and Oprah aren't the only ones in the Clinton family orbit to have been bypassed on the reported 400-person guestlist for Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinksy's wedding. Texan adman and longtime Clinton family friend GSD&M Idea City CEO Roy Spence didn't make the cut either, say industry executives.

Mr. Spence and his wife are said to have known the Clinton family for years. (Indeed, the last time I met with Mr. Spence, he stepped away from our short interview, saying, "I need to take this call from Hillary."

Whether or not he's peeved we'll never know, but I can say with some certainty that if Mary Steenburgen made her way into any party before me I'd be depressed.

Anyway, that means Mr. Spence didn't get one of the gift bags Chelsea and Marc gave guests, the contents of which were posted on TMZ.

Rather than go the Juicy Couture sweatsuit route, Chelsea chose to pack the totes with tasteful, local fare, like pretzels, a notepad, an eco-friendly shopping bag. She did throw some Fresh-brand lip treatment in there, and a 2009 bottle of Clinton Vineyards wine. Lest you think the Clinton family grows their own grapes, this winery has merely benefited from a fortuitous name.

Other than Vera Wang and Burberry -- the brands the bride and groom chose to wear for their nuptials -- not many brands got a boost from the big day. But not for lack of trying.

According to an E-Online report, the new couple's first dance was choreographed by talent from "Dancing With the Stars."

Pizza Hut's PR agency Zeno PR hatched a plan to treat "all of the people who weren't able to enjoy the splendors of the wedding inside the gates" of the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, N.Y., said a spokesman for the restaurant. The chain sent over hundreds of pies to the media and spectators that spelled out "I Do" in pepperoni slices in an effort -- and successfully so -- to be a foil to the classiness of the Clinton wedding.

What would have been some other funny or smart brand integrations for the Clinton wedding? Post your ideas below?

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