Cajuns Ragin' Over Victoria's Secret Saints Slight

Super Bowl Champs Not Part of Pink NFL Line

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Earlier this week, I was alerted by Louisiana resident Cara Carline to a very serious issue facing our nation. Apparently, Louisiana ladies looking to show their love for the New Orleans Saints by sporting pajamas, skivvies and form-fitting soft cotton tees from Victoria's Secret's new Pink NFL line are out of luck. She was more than a little disappointed that the retailer had overlooked the Super Bowl champs. Professional serious journalist that I am, I decided to do some research, which involved going to the Victoria's Secret website. After reading the entire landing page for Pink NFL, I can confirm that not only are the New Orleans Saints not included in this lineup, but the Boston Red Sox are!

Really, Victoria's Secret? REALLY?
Really, Victoria's Secret? REALLY?
I figured this would not sit well with some women in Louisiana, who are known as perhaps the most rabid female football fans in the nation. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I decided to pound the pavement and see what the Louisiana woman on the street thought of this. (And by pounding the pavement, I mean, I asked my friends on Facebook to comment.)

Said Megan Fontenot O' Cain, "The Saints are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL ... no respect. What do we have to do ... win a Superbowl?!?! Oh wait... [Victoria's Secret] obviously didn't do any kind of market research on which female fans would spend the most on football paraphernalia."

Felicia Mouton all but confirmed that Victoria's Secret is basically walking away from piles of unclaimed money. "I would probably max out my VS credit card on undies, bras, and pj's if they had cute fleurs de lis, Gumbos or Sir Saints on them." (Gumbo is the name of the Saint's Saint Bernard mascot.)

Crystal Pitre said the oversight was ridiculous and asked, "Was everyone at Victoria's Secret asleep that day?" Charisse Granger said she was a fan of the Pink line, but due to this she "may have to rethink that."

There were a few who said they'd just go buy a real jersey, thank you very much, and others who scoffed at the thought of bedazzle football gear with the letters P-I-N-K written all over it.

Finally, Amy Reynolds Alexander wondered, "What has journalism come to?"

There's one in every crowd.

Still, I decided I'd reach out to Limited Brands, which owns Victoria's Secret, and demand answers. A Limited Brands spokesperson showed the company takes this issue very seriously by releasing the sort of statement that drives journalists to drinking: "The initial launch of the VS PINK NFL line focuses on 13 teams located in major markets. PINK is excited about their partnership with the NFL and the potential to grow the assortment in the future."

That might sound like a reasonable explanation, but answer me this: Since when are the Carolina Panthers a major-market team?

And don't even get me started on the Boston Red Sox.

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