The CareerBuilder Ad You Won't See During Super Bowl

Company Gets in on the Whole 'Too Hot for TV' Stunt

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I'll never forgive CareerBuilder for getting rid of the chimps. NEVER! And I have pretty strong feelings about stupid Super Bowl stunts, whether they be of the "consumer-generated" variety or the "our ad is soooooo racy, the network won't run it." This year, CareerBuilder is flirting with both of those genres.

As part of a contest, it asked consumers to "make" the spot that will run in the big game. It's narrowed the entries down to two finalists and consumers can now vote on which one will air. You can see them and vote at this here website. But why am I giving all of this free publicity if I'm not a fan of such stunts? Because two of the spots are actually pretty funny. Which two? These two.

"Worst Seat" is the one that's too "hot" for TV. I don't know if real censors would actually object, but it's probably not the best idea to have flaming fart jokes in your most expensive ad. Executives get a little upset about that sort of thing. That said, this is the sort of ridiculously juvenile humor that makes me laugh -- and would probably reduce a room full of inebriated male football fans to tears.

"Casual Friday," meanwhile, features a whole lot of half-nekkid people. Pretty funny, too.

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