The Marketing Challenge of Limbo: Part 2

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Last week, I wrote about the Catholic Church putting out a position paper on Limbo. The Church said there was "hope" that unbaptized-but-otherwise-innocent babies could enter into God's full grace. Of course, that leaves room to believe babies won't get into heaven and that presents a bit of a marketing challenge. I wondered what Church Marketing Sucks would make of it all. The folks at Church Marketing Sucks were kind enough to oblige. Joshua Cody makes a really good point: "First things first. Theology precedes marketing."

Now that I think about it, that can apply to everything. Take out the word "theology" and replace it with brand/product/service and, at the very least, you're starting off on the right track.

Cody says the Catholic Church seems to have gone a little soft here, but gives them style points for honesty. Read the whole thing.
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