Confirmed: Marketing, Digital Advertising Boast Weirdest Job Titles

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A top U.K. recruitment agency recently posted on its blog a list of the 50 weirdest job titles it has ever come across.

It should come as no surprise that bulk of them come from the marketing and ad industries, and especially from the digital space. Ad Age has in the past addressed the absurdity of job titles nowadays, and it's what prompted us to have some fun a few months ago when we built this little time-waster called the "Promotion Machine" to spit out a silly new business card.

But, as the recruitment agency Coburg Banks points out, there is a real potential that the sorts of strange titles being bestowed on folks could do more harm than good in the future. "Internally in a business, wacky job titles may seem a bit of fun," said the blog. "But when candidates feel that the time is right to move on, some wrongly believe that casting away conventional job titles will give them individuality and an edge over their competitors in the market. It's a risky tactic though. With the average CV looked at by a recruiter for no longer than 20 seconds, candidates calling themselves either a wizard or a ninja will quickly be out of the running for a new position."

Well said.

Coburg Banks' "50 Weirdest List" was so heavy on titles from the ad world that it actually had "marketing rockstar" on the list twice. Here are some of the other groan-worthy titles that made the list.

Dream Alchemist – Head of Creative

Digital Overlord – Website Manager

Animal Colourist – This person dyes animals for movies and marketing campaigns

Wizard of Light Bulb Moments – Marketing Director

Associate to the Executive Manager of Marketeer'ing and Conservation efforts – Marketing Assistant

Conversation Architect – Digital Marketing Manager

Brand Evangelist – Marketing Brand Manager

Social Media Trailblazer – Digital Marketing Executive

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