Extreme Makeover: Michelin Man Edition

What Do You Think They'll Do to Him This Time?

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The Michelin Man is trying to get our attention by getting a makeover. Again. Over the past week, New York-based journalists have gotten invites from the French tire maker and awarder of restaurant stars to attend "the unveiling of its first global advertising campaign" from TBWA/Chiat/Day tomorrow at an "intimate" early breakfast.

Couple of things wrong with this: (1) journalists don't like getting up early, and (2) especially not when it means going to hang out with a bunch of other groggy journalists in order to (3) all get information at the exact same time. Why, that's almost as much fun as being sent an "embargoed" press release when we didn't agree to an embargo in the first place.

Anyway, the invites note that as part of the new campaign, the century-old Michelin Man -- who formally goes by the name "Bibendum" -- will undergo a "striking transformation." Oooh. Our minds are racing. Will he become a she? Will he get a tattoo? They once put the Michelin Man on a diet, maybe they'll make him obese again to better connect with Americans?

We'd love to hear your guesses.

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