What's Your Least-Favorite Buzzword?

At ANA Conference, Starcom Reveals Results of Facebook Poll on Industry Jargon We Hate

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Talk about the ultimate problem-solution advertising. The Association of National Advertisers and media shop Starcom, having helped spawn at least their share of industry buzzwords over the years, joined to identify marketers' least-favorite hackneyed language. The fruits of their labors were on display in a fashion show at a surprisingly lively 7:15 a.m. breakfast during the group's annual conference today in Orlando, Fla., a place where buzzwords hang as heavy as the humid air.

Starcom developed a poll on the ANA's Facebook fan page earlier this year that drew more than 15,000 responses and more than doubled the organization's fan base.

"At the end of the day," Starcom CEO Lisa Donohue began her talk wryly, despite starting very much at the start of the day, Starcom was hard pressed to narrow it down to only one least-favorite. After all, it's a universe that includes "ideate," "medianostic," "impactful," "holistic," and the ever-popular if deeply disturbing "open the kimono" among many, many others.

So Starcom broke up the results into categories. In the "mash-up" category, "glocal," made infamous in part by the movie "Up in the Air," took honors. "Go viral," won the digital category. "Out of the box" beat out such chestnuts as "low-hanging fruit" in the meeting-jargon category. And tops among write-ins was "on the same page."

Starcom took the added step of creating T-shirts illustrating each of buzzwords and phrases, showing them off in a mock fashion show and distributing more than 500 for free. Attendees drilled down on the freebies quickly. Should any open their kimonos later, at least they'll be partially covered.

So tell us: What's your least-favorite buzzword? Weigh in in Comments.

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