Time to Make Jack Daniel's Birthday a National Holiday?

Finally, an Online Petition I Can Get Behind

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As a fan of Tennessee whiskey and a Southern man who won't be winning any height contests anytime soon, I'm a huge fan of Jack Daniel and his fine product. So I felt almost obliged to sign the "Back Jack" petition put forth by the Brown-Forman spirit brand to make Jack Daniel's birthday a national holiday. (Then I had some Jack Daniel's and promptly forgot about the whole thing.)

September is Jack Daniel's birthday month. Company lore has it that -- thanks to fire, floods, time, etc. -- no one really knows when the man was actually born. As far as an exact date? "Since we don't know the exact date of his birth in September, whatever day Congress chooses will be fine with the Distillery."

It's early days yet, so there isn't a national groundswell of support -- Tennessee has volunteered the most signatories to the petition, with Texas and California close behind. So to spread the news, the company is hitting the road. Part of the "Back Jack" effort includes a 10-city bus tour, which is kicking off in Lynchburg, Tenn., Sept. 18 and winding up in the nation's capital on Sept. 29. (If I disappear ... and the bus disappears ... and you see a large Jack Daniel's bus doing 95 on the freeway while blasting AC/DC's "Back in Black," it's all just a coincidence. Really.)

Like Brown-Forman's recent online effort for Southern Comfort Lime, the web push is being routed through a Facebook page. Most of the effort is being carried out digitally. There will be TV running in September, but it's general branding rather than specific to the cause. ( DraftFCB, Universal McCann, Slingshot and Dye VanMol & Lawrence have worked on the campaign.)

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