Terra Fossil Wine Teaser Ad Sucks, but Made Me Google Anyway

And While I'm Bitching, Enough With 'Sex and the City' and Yellow Labels

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Normally when I'm watching a Yankees game on YES, I expect in addition to wins to see many an ultra-cheesy local ad for a car dealer -- those long-running spots for the Lexus Platinum Dealer Network still strike the absolute wrong tone -- an occasional national spot and that badgering commercial for Fox Business News that pops up around the seventh inning, the one in which Neil Cavuto acts all fair and unhinged.

Anyway, last night, as the Yanks staged a comeback against Toronto, right in the middle of all those silly between-inning ads came maybe the worst ad I've seen in a long time, though obviously it was meant to be a bad ad -- oh, man, don't I love that kind of cleverness. It's so clever that, somehow, when I found it on YouTube this morning -- because I just had to watch it again, it's so clever -- I learned the spot is the "Terra Fossil Movie Trailer... Banned By NBC!" Well, imagine that, NBC has good taste. Ah, the Ben Silverman-less era begins!

But to show what a putz I am, and what happens when you have an iPhone sitting next you as you watch a game, I did what the ad suggested and Googled "Terra Fossil," and, yes, as I suspected, it's for a wine outfit. (I had guessed you'd have to be drunk to make that spot.) But worse than that teaser ad are the webisodes on Current, from Fossil TV, tagged "covo trattoria harlem wine girls hot/ terra fossil funny drink commercials/ dinosaurs interviews."

At this point, I'm not sure whom I'm more angry at, "Sex and the City," for subjecting us to, at this point, far too many knockoffs, or Yellow Tail wine, for subjecting us to even more knockoffs. On its website Terra Fossil has a distinctive yellow color scheme and five types of wines that are represented by five different dinosaurs instead of a kangaroo. (For those dying to know, T-Rex is a cabernet. Naturally.) I suppose in today's crowded wine market you can either woo consumers with $3 bottles or show "hot" wine girls slowly getting drunk in five-minute video clips. Me, I'm sticking with Scotch.

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