One of These Things Is a Lot Like the Other One

What Is Derek Jeter Selling This Time?

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The ad features a screen-filling "G" logo, and it features Derek Jeter leaping into the Yankee Stadium stands to make a remarkable catch.

A spot for Jeter-endorsed Gatorade of course, right?

Nope, it's for Gillette.

Think that's confusing? Dig the percussive beats of the new Nike "Break to Build" spot for its Brand Jordan (also starring Mr. Jeter), which shows quick flashes of athletes involved in grueling training.

Now try to distinguish that from the hand-clap beats of the latest Gatorade ad, which features almost identical footage.

Star athletes like Jeter -- or Lebron James or Michael Jordan or Peyton Manning -- have, of course, always been ubiquitous during the commercial breaks of the games they play in, but has it ever been so hard to tell the spots apart?

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