New VW Work Remembers When Punch Buggy Had No Rules

Meet Sluggy, the Violent Star of Debut Work From Deutsch

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Wondering who would replace Max the Beetle, star of Volkswagen's "Das Auto" ads from Crispin Porter & Bogusky? Turns out it's a bad-tempered, potty-mouthed old man named Sluggy, who has a habit of decking people in the face.

The work from Volkswagen's new agency Deutsch, Los Angeles, promises to keep the quirky vibe, based on some online components from the forthcoming big campaign that emerged today. The German carmaker wants to raise the profile of its cars by reminding people of that nonsensical, sometimes painful, game many of us played as kids -- punching each other whenever a VW drove by.

Sluggy's kinda scary, but still preferable to annoying comic Tracy Morgan, who's slated to make a cameo in the VW ad that will air during the Super Bowl. You can also follow Sluggy on Twitter.

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