Tempest in a D-Cup

Marks & Spencer Does Right by Large-Breasted Community

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According to the Associated Press: "Britain's largest clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer, has backed down on its incendiary policy of charging a 2 pound ($3) surcharge for bras that are DD or larger in the face of a spreading consumer revolt."

That sounds like a smart business move to me. Then again, M&S was facing an increasingly large group attacking it through the internet and the media. The group's name? Busts 4 Justice.

And file this under quote of the week. It's from Becky Mount, leader of Busts 4 Justice: "They didn't want a lot of big-breasted women storming their meeting."

In order to make up for being a bunch of boobs, M&S has taken out ads in the U.K. apologizing for its mistake and offering 25% off on all bras.

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