Marshawn Lynch Tastes the Rainbow--and a Free Supply of Skittles

Seahawks Running Back Rewarded With Candy After Scoring Touchdowns

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Marshawn Lynch gets his Skittles
Nothing beats some Skittles after a touchdown -- at least that 's how Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch feels.

In the Seahawks' demolition of the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night, Mr. Lynch gave the Mars brand some free product placement when cameras caught him tasting the rainbow after a 15-yard touchdown in the first quarter. The NFL Network commentators quickly explained that Lynch's mom used to give him the candy in high school and, as one helpfully added for the brand, "You're never too old for Skittles."

The folks at Skittles didn't miss a branding beat. They offered Mr. Lynch a 2-year free supply of Skittles and a customized dispenser for his locker. And later on Twitter, the brand posited a novel explanation for Lynch's monster, 178-yard game on its Twitter feed: "Does he run that fast because he knows people are after his Skittles?"

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