Mary Minnick: Scary and Proud of It

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This one got lost in our e-mail. Last week, someone pass along this item from the March 9 Beverage Digest:

Marketing herself now? Mary Minnick, Coke's recently departed head of marketing/strategy/innovation, now appears to be marketing herself. She has launched a web site: It proclaims: 'She's putting the fizz back into a tired brand.' From the site's 'About Mary' page: 'And while it is true that she once was called 'Scary Mary' in the media, it is because she won't accept anything but the best possible results.' Severance. Upon leaving company, Minnick receives severance benefits totaling about $1.3 mil plus bonus of at least $1.4 mil.

For the record, the media she's referencing is, yup, Advertising Age, which ran the following headline on Aug. 22, 2005: 'Scary Mary' Chills Atlanta.
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