Maurice Levy: Found In Translation

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Ah, the French: business seems so effortless to them. Maurice Levy, as in President Publicis Groupe had a little tete-a-tete with "Le Figaro" to talk about the state of the world's fourth largest marketing organization.

If you are fluent in French--or in Google translation (which is pretty nonsensical and funny in a Borat way)-- you can read his latest mysterious hints at a succession plan for when he steps down in three years. If you aren't fluent in either, let me tell you the shocker: he's eye-balling three or four people within Publicis' larger income-earners.

As happens to just about every CEO over 60, tongues have been wagging for some time about just who will be hand-picked to follow up Levy's class act and share his raison d'etre. Levy's got three solid years of politiking with kiss-ups before he passes the Publicis baton. In the meantime it looks like his primary concern is making the Groupe even bigger--newspapers, anyone?
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