McD's Will Help You Insult Starbucks Slurpers Takes Aim at Uppity Brews

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Turns out the coffee wars will be fought based on taste, price . . . and snob factor. With players like Starbucks and McDonald's, it's not hard to figure out who's playing which role. The degree to which each is committing to their part, however, is making for some real entertainment. Starbucks handed out a "tasting guide" to the poor schmucks who showed up for free coffee this week, encouraging them to first smell, then slurp, and finally contemplate the geography of their palate.

Now, as McDonald's is rolling its specialty coffee products out in western Washington state, DDB Seattle has created The site shows the difference between a latte and a cappuccino (foam) by way of cross-sectional diagrams. Having grown up in a Southern town that got its first Starbucks in the last few years, I can imagine these diagrams being of real use to folks there. But in Seattle?

Anyway, the site also offers an e-mailable mad-lib style "intervention" for friends who are spending "too much" on their coffee. One might write, for instance: "Dear Sucker, Your overconsumption of highfalutin' espresso drinks is disturbing for several reasons: 1. You're wasting tons of your waterslide money, 2. It's stupid. " Recipients get a coupon for putting up with the insults.
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