We'll Have What Those Media Execs Are Having

Almost 75% Believe Business Will Emerge Unchanged or Improved

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It only took a whole survey from a well-respected consulting firm to articulate what everyone already knew these last two years of media hell: The recession isn't killing media, the internet is.

Booz & Co.'s latest survey found that 57% of media execs think that "deep-seated industry shifts," aka the internet, are more likely the reason for the "malaise" than the recession. All fine and obvious, but the survey also uncovered a certain cheerful strain running through the ranks: Almost three-quarters of the TV, digital media, and print execs questioned believe "their businesses will emerge either unchanged or even improved in the aftermath of the economic downturn."

Can someone please track down whoever supplies the cafeterias at 30 Rock, 4 Times Square, and the Time Warner Center and get a few dozen cases of whatever they're serving for the rest of us?

But it's not all Pimm's and bubbly. Booz & Co. also made a few recommendations: "Develop much lower-cost operating models" and "make business-model innovations." Translation: layoff more of the staff and get everyone who's left on Twitter already.

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