FCC Asked to Give the Boot to Skechers Cartoon

CCFC Calls Nicktoons' 'Zevo-3' Characters a 'Walking Ad' for Shoe Line

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Menace to society
Menace to society
Those activist groups never let kids have any fun! Saying that "the entire show will be an advertisement for the Skechers brand," the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission to rule that the show, "Zevo-3," "is not in the public interest." What's the problem? "'Zevo-3' features three superheroes whose only existence to date has been in television commercials and marketing materials designed to promote Skechers shoes to children," said CCFC.

The group claimed the show "will violate the requirement established by Congress in the Children's Television Act that that no cable operator shall air more than 10.5 minutes of commercial matter per hour during children's programming on weekdays." Which reminded me how all my childhood cartoons were nothing but half-hour commercials for Transformers and He-Man dolls. You didn't hear me complaining -- not until my begging and pleading for the toys was shot down by my parents.

Nicktoons spokesman David Bittler told the Associated Press simply: "This show does not violate the Children's Television Act."

According to the AP, "Kristen Van Cott, co-executive producer of "Zevo-3" and a senior VP of Skechers Entertainment, said she and her colleagues had worked hard to ensure the show conforms with FCC provisions and were confident it would air on schedule."

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