Men the Biggest Victims of Advertising Injustice

We Can't Have People Laughing at Us!

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A military junta is starving families in hurricane-ravaged Burma. Religious zealots are "honor"-killing the victims of rape in some Middle Eastern countries. In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe's henchmen burned the opposition leader's wife to death. Our own country is involved in war. In our little corner of the American economy, minorities are underrepresented in the ad agencies. But we should never lose focus on the true victims here: men. Men who are being portrayed unfairly in advertisements.

We need no further proof than this top 10 list of male-bashing ads. Why, I can't even bring myself to post any of the examples because the portrayals of men in these ads is so offensive, so unjust, that I've been scarred for life. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I exposed any of my readers to such carnage. How dare they portray men as oafs, as buffoons, as the butts of jokes? You'll even notice that most of those men being mocked are WHITE! Why, I remember back in the day when real men like Jackie Gleason and Fred Flintsone made comedy out of showing that men were honorable and intelligent in all situations! And those upstanding, take-charge guys Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin! How we laughed at their portrayal of competent, morally correct heroes!

But seriously, fellas. Good work in appropriating the politically correct victimization stance for your own needs. Very manly of you. I'm sure your children will be proud to see you whining like a college freshman about the grave injustice of jokes badly told. "Wow. That Roomba commercial made my daddy cry!" Nice example, guys. Nice example.
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