Men's Journal Takes Clients to the Top

And Manages Not to Lose Any

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Giving whole new meaning to the phrase "trust fall," Men's Journal decided that instead of bonding with its advertisers over a beer and some bowling it would take them for a merry jaunt up Mount Rainier. It only took three days of scrambling over ice in unfavorable weather conditions to climb the 14,400-foot slab of rock. Among those crazy and/or brave enough to sign up for this adventure were: Eddie Bauer CEO Neil Fiske; Andrew McLean, president-global clients and business development at Mediaedge:cia; Derek McDonald, VP-marketing, SureFire; Ryan Hodgkin, marketing manager of Mountain Hardwear; Jenney Porterfield, media supervisor at Optimedia; and Anika Price, senior communications planner at Optimedia. They joined Men's Journal Publisher Will Schenck, Executive Editor Brad Wieners and Account Director Grant Palmer.

Apparently, things got a little hairy up there on the ice, but the team was in the capable hands of Rainier Mountaineering owner Peter Whittaker. Peter's uncle, Jim Whittaker, was the first American to climb Mount Everest in 1963.

Still, I had to ask. Wasn't Men's Journal a little worried that a client might be injured or even killed?

Said Shenck: "I wasn't worried about it ahead of time, but the thought did occur to me when we were coming back, and were under a piece of ice on the same spot on Rainier where 11 climbers were killed in the largest mountaineering disaster in American climbing. The fact that our guide, Peter Whittaker, was one of the survivors of that accident did little to dispel the notion. But, happily, the only thing killed was a bunch of pizzas that night."

And, if nothing else, it'll certainly make for better stories than a night of bowling.
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