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Mike's Hard Lemonade Seeks Corn-Hole Heroes, Dodge-Ball Warriors

Will It Become the Official Drink of Hipster 'Sports'?

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What with real beers hogging all the real sports sponsorships, Mike's Hard Lemonade was hard pressed to find a way to approach the boys and girls of summer. Besides, those sponsorships cost, according to official guesstimates, katrillions of dollars. So, with the help of AgencyNet, the lemony-booze maker is going the social-media route and asking non-professional athletes to step up to the plate (kickball, not baseball) -- or the corn-hole board or dodge-ball court -- to become the official voice of Mike's.

Mike's is hoping that the typical beer-league player will submit video entries, retelling or reliving heroic athletic accomplishments in games many of us gave up long before we were old enough to drink. The heroic treatment gets a boost from the call-for-entries video, which breaks Thursday on sports sites and drives participants to Mike's Facebook page. It's got that glorious slow-motion photography that makes an Ultimate Frisbee player look like a Super Bowl athlete -- and NFL voice-over talent Zach McGowan.

Backyard warriors anxious to get the Mike's spokesperson gig can check out this corn-hole-related video for the sort of entries they'll be up against.

Should be interesting to see the replies. Here in New York, I tend to picture the kickball crowd as Pabst-swilling hipsters, not Mike's drinkers. And, personally, I'm hoping at least one of the winners is from a Jarts league (the original lawn-dart version, not this silly safe version being peddled these days).

Winners will be picked in August and, aside from being the new faces of Mike's Hard Sports campaign in the fall, will collect cash prizes ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

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