Miller to A-B: Steal Our Idea, Hire a Reporter

First They Came for Arndorfer ...

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So former Advertising Age beer reporter-turned-Miller Brewing blogger Jim Arndorfer had a star turn on the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday -- he even got his face done up in stipple point. Which got the current Ad Age beer reporter thinking about his future.

And I wasn't the only one: One Milwaukee-to-St. Louis e-mail (which yours truly was kindly copied on) asked A-B if it was planning to follow Miller's lead by hiring an Ad Age staffer to lead it to A1 WSJ and blogosphere glory.

"So when does the offer go out to hire Mullman to write Bud Blog?" a Millerite asked a top A-B ad executive. "You could do much worse. Mullman is good. I would think his MGD piece in Ad Age a few weeks ago is good for a few thousand A-B bucks."

So, come on, A-B: Not only did we call Miller Genuinely Daft on page one -- which surely played well in the loo -- but we never wrote a story titled The Death of Beer like Arndorfer did. (In his defense, he didn't write the headline.)

Now there is the small matter of the Marketing 50 prize we gave Miller's Sparks brand last year. And the praise we've heaped on its returning Miller High Life to its blue-collar roots. And all those Bud.TV stories. But, hey, nobody's perfect.

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