One Million Bucks and Nothing to Spend It On?

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Forget the Cannes Titanium Lion, forget the Effies and the Kelleys. Sam Pond, an acclaimed San Francisco radio copywriter, has won the biggest prize in advertising, the $1 million EAR Radio Awards for Best of Show. Only problem is he's not sure what to do with it.

The prize comes in the form of radio advertising, new media or online video from Clear Channel. "I can use it for any client, new or existing," said Mr. Pond. But Mr. Pond currently doesn't buy media for any of his clients. "Maybe I'll use it to advertise myself and become the most famous person in California," he said, only half joking because a number of his PR friends think it could be a great publicity stunt with the potential for wide media pickup.

He also thinks he might be able to sell some of the media to his clients such as Pump It Up, a national franchise of locations for birthday parties. About half of his clients are ad agencies, so he might be able to offer them some of the inventory. And he wants to do an ad for the Episcopal Sanctuary which helps San Francisco's homeless. In any case, he has a year to use the media.

Mr. Pond won the prize for a spot he did for a software program to teach typing skills. The script would have been boring, had it not been for the typos which were read on air. He also won a second prize at the show that may prove more rewarding than the $1 million. He won a trip for five on a private anywhere in the U.S. for "Best Use of Copywriting."
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