Last-Minute Savings on Anti-Bush Memorabilia

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Just hours remain in the Dubya presidency, and already, there is some good news on the economic front: massive savings on "Bush's Last Day" gear!

A quick visit to Bush's Last Day reveals a bevy of deep discounts for procrasti-haters of Bush the Younger:

  • The "official" 01.20.09 Bush's Last Day Countdown Keychain is "shipped preset and running to 01.20.09" (but comes, inexplicably, with a "3 year warranty." A hedge against Bush declaring martial law and ruling by fiat?) In any event: Was $12.95. Now $4.95!

  • 01.20.09 Bush's Last Day mouse pad. Was $7.95. Now $1.95!

  • 01.20.09 Bush's Last Day balloons (20 count). Was $12.95. Now $4.95!
Of course, those ever-cheaper-priced Bush inflatables may be a fitting symbol for the U.S. economy, too: Economists are increasingly worried more about deflation -- wherein the falling price of goods has consumers delaying purchases until prices fall even further, leading to ever-less economic activity -- than they are about inflation. And according to the Department of Labor's latest report on inflation, they might be right: Consumer prices nosed upward by just 0.1% last year, the smallest increase since 1954. And for the last three months, prices have actually been dropping, falling another 0.7% last December.

Balloon, anyone?

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