Miracle On 42nd Street, Wal-Mart-Style?

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Wal-Mart really isn't all that bad. It cares about the mom-and-pop shops it puts out of business--really, it does. In its latest bid to gain entry into America's cities, Wal-Mart has gone all Gimbels on us and decided to promote its fellow shops.

You think I'm kidding? Per the Chicago Tribune, local paper to the city Wal-Mart hopes to land in next: "[Wal-Mart] is offering to pay for local newspaper advertising to showcase the independent stores on Wal-Mart's in-store TV network and donate funds to the local chambers of commerce."

For the more cynical at heart, here's the catch you've been waiting for: "The program is only offered for economically disadvantaged inner-city neighborhoods."

Right, so Wal-Mart only cares if you're super-poor and likely to go out of business anyhow. Healthier competitors be damned.
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