See the Spot: Nestle Purina's New Talking Dog Ad Is a Gas

Mishka the Talking Dog Stars in Spot for Probiotic Pooch Powder

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Why do you always blame the dog?
Why do you always blame the dog?

Nothing says the holidays like ... doggie gas?

According to pet food king Nestle Purina, this time a year can get pretty stressful for pooches, what with all the travel, guests coming over and weird-looking decorations hanging everywhere. And just like for humans, the tumult can do bad things to the tummy -- at least according to Nestle Purina, which says pets suffer from digestive problems "particularly during the festive season." (Might be all those people treats they find under the table.)

The dog food maker's solution is something called "FortiFlora," a probiotic powder that is sprinkled in pet food to "help veterinarians manage dogs and cats diagnosed with gastrointestinal upset." Yes, it was only a matter of time before pet food makers cashed in on the probiotic craze that has fueled sales for products like Activia yogurt. Nestle Purina's answer to Activia pitchwoman Jamie Lee Curits is an 8-year-old Siberian husky and internet sensation named Mishka, otherwise known as the "talking dog" whose YouTube appearances have drawn some 200 million views.

In a new ad for FortiFlora, Mishka, along with a cast of other talking doggies, barks "I love you" along with a cast of after getting a little FortiFlora sprinkled in the food bowl. The ad is by MDC Partners' Colle & McVoy.

Nestle Purina puts a lot of effort in translating human-dog relations to marketing. Earlier this year, the company debuted an ad in Europe that it touted as the "first-ever television commercial especially for dogs." The spot features sounds that the marketer says appeal to dogs, like squeaks and high-pitched "pings."

"We wanted to create a TV commercial that our four-legged friends can enjoy and listen to, but also allow the owner and dog to experience it together," said Anna Rabanus, Brand Manager of Beneful for Nestle Purina PetCare Germany.

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