Would You Miss Advertising Age?

Brand Autopsy Wants to Know

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Boy, those pesky bloggers, always nipping at the heels of mainstream media (or as the kids say, MSM), behemoths such as Ad Age. John Moore, over at Brand Autopsy, asks his readers if they'd miss Advertising Age if it suddenly disappeared from the planet.

"Does Advertising Age provide such a unique publication and reader experience that we would be saddened if it didn't exist? Does Advertising Age treat its employees so astonishingly well that those workers would not be able to find another employer to treat them as well? Does Advertising Age forge such unfailing emotional connections with its readers that they would fail to find another magazine that could forge just as strong an emotional bond?"

My bank account would certainly miss it! From the employee perspective, there's a reason that Ad Age doesn't have a revolving door when it comes to editorial staff (relative to other publications) -- and it's only partly because we're shackled to our desks.

At any rate, love us or hate us, go let John know what you think.
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