Missed Connections

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The Missed Connections section of Craig's List is a bulletin board for those ephemeral attractions that flare up at, say, the dentist's waiting room or maybe a gas-station pump and then go unconsummated. The well-read board acts as a place to try and fulfill what seemed lost. Posts there range from the appreciative ("You pulled my glasses off the subway tracks.") to the improbable ("Tall blonde gorgeous muscular climbing-wall hipster) to the trawling ("You were wearing all black.")

But who knew this hangout for the desperate and melancholy could be a place for a bit of Gallic-accented agency trash-talking? Appearing yesterday was a brief post, titled "Let's make beautiful ads," that seems to be both calling out one of last year's high-flying agencies -- and asking it for work. "You - advertising network -- think you were awarded agency of the year this year -- you had it big, talk of the town. Where did you go? Ou est vous?"

Who could the unnamed agency in question be? French. Former agency of the year. Gone suddenly quiet. Ou est vous, indeed, Euro RSCG?
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