Mobile Marketing Equal to Clubbing Seals

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What with everyone looking for the next way to invade my damn privacy and clutter up a service I'm paying good money for big thing in marketing, there's lots of talk about this new-fangled mobile marketing. Now, despite all the lip-service being paid to the idea that the consumer is in control, it seems most marketing professionals are still under the delusion that consumers are just slobbering to have ads inserted into practically everything.

Perhaps I'm projecting here, but I think I speak for nearly everyone when I say that the first company that tries to shoot an ad across my cellphone will lose my business immediately and forever.

And that's why I love this opening line from Dave Haskin:

"The mobile industry is abuzz about mobile advertising. To me, it's a bit like watching bulldozers tear down a section of rain forest to put in a strip mall. The time to stop it is now."

Read the whole thing.
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