Model Misses Her Opportunity to (Moon) Shine in New York

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I've gotten a lot of mileage out of bare bottoms in the past month or so. I don't break a lot of news in these parts, but we were the first to report news of Toto Washlet's "Happy Bottoms" campaign. By now, you know the story: The giant billboard wrap was set to go up in early July in Times Square, but the Times Square Church won an injunction against it. Naked butts went up on the Sunset Strip and on websites such as Gawker. On July 27, Toto unveiled a modified version in Times Square.
Isobella didn't make the cut to show off her butt.
Isobella didn't make the cut to show off her butt.

All involved were happy -- except model Isobella Jade. The 5'4" wizard of self-promotion first showed up on New York radars last year when Gawker developed a fascination with her. Isobella e-mailed Adages last week and told us she answered a casting call for the Toto ad. That's not very surprising. Part of her spiel is that because her short stature is not exactly welcomed by the fashion industry (as a Height-Challenged American, Adages totally understands), she's done a lot of nude and seminude work, much of which she found through Craigslist -- which is where she found the butts-wanted ad for the Toto campaign. She sent in a derrière photo, and it was good enough for the first round of auditions. Oddly enough, at the casting call, says Isobella, "your makeup and hair were done to look as conservative as possible -- even though you were about to show your ass for a measly 100 bucks."

Not only that, despite the photographer complimenting her assets (you knew that was coming), she was never called back.

"I was bummed," she says. Oh, well. More fodder for her memoir: "Almost 5'4.''"

Inspired, Adages is going to sit down this weekend and start on our memoir, "Not Quite 5'6.""
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