12 Days of Gifting: Modern Updates on Some Old Presents

Why Go With an Ugly Sweater When There Is an Ugly-Sweater App?

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Holiday shopping used to be so much simpler -- an ornament for your crazy aunt and an ugly sweater from her in return. Gifts these days have gotten high-tech makeovers, which makes things both more complicated and way cooler.




Magazine subscription Subscription to 70 digital magazines
Pair of cuddly mittens Touch-device-friendly gloves
Christmas tree ornament Christmas tree fire detector
Best Friend necklaces Best Friends iPhone cases
Hess truck iPad-controlled helicopter
Thermos for hot chocolate HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle
Ugly holiday sweater Ugly holiday sweater app
Pocket protector Pocket projector
Earmuffs Muffones Ear Muff Headphones
Samsonite luggage set Targus checkpoint-friendly backpack
"Double Dribble" for Nintendo "NBA Baller Beats" with Kinect body-tracking camera
Kate Spade Leather handbag Kate Spade tablet sleeve
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