Monkey Advertising Much Like Beer or Political Advertising

We Can't Wait for the Final Results of This Study

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"They do not have language or culture and they have very short attention spans," says Keith Olwell, owner and creative director of Proton, New York, in reference to his ad campaign's target audience. No, he's not talking about swing voters or Four Loko drinkers. Rather, he's talking about capuchin monkeys. According to New Scientist, Olwell, business partner Elizabeth Kiehner and Yale primatologist Laurie Santos are conducting a study to "see if advertising can make brown capuchins change their behavior."

So, with such limitations, they came up with two ads, one of which sounds like the sort used for marketing beer, the other that sounds like a political ad: "One billboard shows a graphic shot of a female monkey with her genitals exposed, alongside the brand A logo. The other shows the alpha male of the capuchin troop associated with brand A."

We can't wait to see the results of this study.

(Via Gawker.)

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