Moons Over Manhattan

Cheeky Campaign Hits Times Square

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Forget Moon over My Hammy, how about Moons over Manhattan. Lots and lots of smiling moons. Courtesy of a toilet company, no less. On July 1, the Toto Washlet company will unveil a giant two-story billboard wrapped around three sides of a Times Square building. And on that billboard will be giant two-storied rears, smiling down on the city. Why are they smiling?

Because the Toto Washlet is modern-day miracle of science (according to the press release). It "upgrades a standard U.S. toilet to state-of-the-art in personal hygiene. It cleans and dries with aerated water and warm air (both adjustable, via wireless remote, for temperature and strength). While over 17 million have been sold worldwide, the U.S. remains an untapped market."

The campaign was created by ML Rogers, New York. They claim the ad was too graphic to run in luxury print titles, but look for it on websites such as Gawker, Salon and

Mike Bloomberg should quit the presidential teasing and get his own scrawny butt back to New York and see about getting these things installed in the Port Authority!

UPDATE: I forgot to include the Clean is Happy website, which provides some faces to go with those cheeks.
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