Morgan Spurlock Selling Naming Rights to His Upcoming TED Talk

EBay Offer Promises to Use Talk to 'Reflect Positively on Your Placement'

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Morgan Spurlock is simultaneously taking on and taking advantage of product placement in his documentary "Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," which just made a widely noted debut at Sundance. Now he's put naming rights to his March 2 talk at the TED Conference up for bid on eBay.

"In my discussion, I will explore the world of branding, advertising and the entertainment industry," Mr. Spurlock promises in his eBay prospectus. "If you are the highest bidder, then during my talk I will make reference to your company, reflect positively on your placement and share the process of how you got involved."

Mr. Spurlock, who took on McDonald's in the 2004 documentary "Super Size Me," reportedly will take in $1.5 million from "Greatest Movie Ever Sold" integrations if he hits certain performance goals. It's unlikely that his TED talk will prove as financially material: Bidding Tuesday morning was up to $425 after 15 bids.

But it will all be very meta! And it seems like we can expect to hear a lot more from Mr. Spurlock on product placement.

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