MoveOn's Latest Futile Effort to Go After Murdoch

Will Hand Out Parody Wall Street Journals Tomorrow

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MoveOn, not content with beclowning itself by "boycotting" local Fox News advertisers, will try to bring down Rupert "Great Satan" Murdoch tomorrow with parody copies of the Wall Street Journal.

According to the release: "New Yorkers will take to the streets Wednesday at noon - handing out Parody Wall Street Journals at the company headquarters bearing actual Fox News headlines. The headlines demonstrate the type of unreliable, partisan information businesspeople can expect from the news pages of the Journal under Rupert Murdoch."

Give Rupert some credit, guys. Why would he do that to the Journal when he's already got the New York Post? Besides, we all know he'll use the Journal to make the FCC bend to his will (no matter what party is in power).

But for sheer laughs it'll be hard to top this line from the release: "The Wall Street Journal was bought by Murdoch just as Fox has suffered serious image-setbacks. John Edwards, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and Chris Dodd have all refused to appear in Fox-sponsored presidential debates."

Yes. Not having the Democratic candidates on red-meat-for-Republicans Fox News is really, really going to cut into its ratings. As has been argued before near this space, the only people hurt by this debate foolishness is Democrats who are passing up a chance -- as slim as it is -- to show Fox News viewers that they're a little more complicated than the stereotypes provided by O'Reilly and his ilk.

But this isn't about economics, right? It's about journalism. In fact, MoveOn is SO concerned with journalistic standards, they back up their claims with a report from Guardian of the True Journalism, Keith Olbermann.
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