Movie Effort May Take Your Stunt-Promotion Virginity

Need Help Losing It? Call This Number

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Posters have gone up in the New York City subway system advertising a hot line for those desperate souls seeking to lose their virginity. Ad Age's David Teicher snapped this photo on his way in to work this morning. Even if the posters didn't have a URL that directed folks to, I'm figuring most people will know immediately it's an ad not for an actual lose-your-virginity hotline, but rather a movie called -- well -- "The Virginity Hit."

Cheap and silly, sure. But something about the subject matter will always resonate -- with men who grew up nerds at any rate. The trailer for the Sony Pictures flick (below) makes it look like your typical Nerd Comes of Age movie redone for the YouTube generation (other than that, I can't tell what the hell the plot is supposed to be). Don't know that I'd watch such a thing, but I did break down and call the number. Sort of clever in that it's set up just like your typical bank or credit-card company call center. "Press one," indeed.

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