Say It Ain't So, Mrs. O

So a Blog Is a Marketing Ploy? Who Cares?

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Did you hear? The Mrs. O blog -- which I'd never heard of -- is actually written by a Bartle, Bogle Hegarty employee and, further, is funded by the agency. Someone press the scandal button quick -- one of them there evil corporations is mucking about in the web again. Or, as New York Mag puts it:

Had the site been independent and achieved this level of success, we'd be saying kudos. But right now it appears like nothing more than a marketing ploy and we're slightly disheartened that a blog we liked is just an agency site.
Say what now? Firstly, if a blog is worth reading, it's worth reading. Period. End of story. Who cares who's funding it? Secondly, and more importantly, in what unicorn-inhabited landscape are people living in when it comes to Web 2.0 properties? I see the debate about marketers being allowed onto Twitter pop up all the time. People get worked up about it. What the hell is Twitter if not a mass experiment in self-marketing? Just yesterday, I had to ask for recommendations to get Twitter streams that aren't all about how awesomely cool social media is.

Here's the thing. Such discussions are fine, but let's call a spade a spade. It's marketing. It's marketing Web 2.0; it's marketing yourself; it's marketing your company; it's marketing your services. (And despite my bitching, I haven't quit following any of those guys yet -- because they're still interesting). So having a hissy fit because a company might want to spoil the pristine snows of something like Twitter makes me laugh. (Now if Twitter starts allowing companies to throw uninvited ads into my Twitter stream that might be a different story.)

Again, so what if Mrs. O is funded by the nefarious forces of capitalism. So what if it's later used as a case study or in part of a portfolio. Most of those taking to blogs have something to sell -- whether it be themselves, their writing or actual products. To pretend otherwise is to be naive. (And especially in the fashion world!) If someone wants virginal blogging material untouched by the influences of advertising, marketing and PR, he or she should stick to LiveJournal,

UPDATE: Just came across this chart from Armano. Love it.

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