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You've Got Puppies, We Want to See Them

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Puppies. Who doesn't like them? Except for soulless people with dead shriveled hearts, the sort who steal candy from babies and leave comments on blogs claiming they don't come to this site for dog pictures, they come for news and analysis, and you kids are ruining all of media.

The Dogs of Advertising
The Dogs of Advertising

But I digress. Recently, the good folks at Doremus, New York, sent us a photo of Samson, the office's unofficial mascot. Owned by Jeff Derringer, VP-director of Doremus' design studios, Samson "comes into the agency a couple of days a week and walks freely through the hallways, often sitting in on a meeting or two in the large conference room (where he's been known to snore loudly). His other favorite pastimes are sitting sphinx-like outside Jeff's office, or making his way under the conference room table, licking each lady's ankles en route."

But it's not all fun and games. Apparently Samson has a bit of an attitude. According to our source, "Samson has a distinct dislike for the large photo of Clarence Barron (who founded Doremus in 1903) that sits on the main wall outside the senior offices. He is often seen staring Clarence down, teeth gritted, drool flowing to the floor."

That got me thinking, "Hey, I like dogs!" I start out my daily web browsing at The Daily Puppy. And this dog is attached to the advertising industry, so it's totally relevant. I also swear to you that I was not thinking at all of the million-dollar franchise surrounding "Marley & Me" (I'd have to get my own dog for that sort of payout).

Of course, a number of Ad Age staffers own dogs, dogs of which they are very, very proud. So when I said I might post a photo of Samson, there was an outcry of "My dog, too!"

But we're not the sort to show off our dogs without giving others in the ad world a chance to show off their pooches. We've cobbled together a slide show. If Jill Abramson can write weekly about her dog at The New York Times, it's only fair to allow ad-industry people to brag about theirs.

We've already got the following: Lee Clow's Winnie drying off poolside with a Cannes Lion towel; Linus Karlsson's Nettie in a very artsy shot—not bad for a dog who was given her name because she was found tangled up in a fishing net; John Osborn posing with his black lab, Lucy; and Ad Agers Danny, Frankie, Spivey, Amy, Chloe, Scout, Snickers and Coco (those are dogs, obviously, not new reporters).

Seriously, we're bringing so much of what the kids are calling "teh cute" to the table, you're not going to know what to do with yourselves.

And simmer down, Cat People. If this works out, we'll get to you, too—and we might even do that one without writing crazy, semiliterate captions all over them.

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